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These days, a well-crafted workplace today can reside in any room. What’s more important than where we work is how well-equipped we are when we do! Today, a workspace may be simply a place to open a laptop, re-charge a cell phone and keep our mail in order. But look for a style that keeps details in order too! Orderly and hearty construction details inspire efficiency!

Few other interior design styles work as well for a home office than Craftsman style. By its very nature, craftsman furniture suggests a smart, hard-working home.  (It was born by artists, writers and intellects at the end of the 19th century – so it has very clever DNA). In fact, designers of craftsman furniture today are just as fond of creating savvy ways to store books, papers and supplies as original Arts-and-Crafts artisans were. That makes this style ideal for office and work places… especially when electronics and flexibility are wired in!

We used this very clever new furniture collection (Bungalow Baby by aspenhome) to illustrate exactly how smart a Craftsman-inspired home office can be!


Executive home office configuration. Bungalow Baby, by aspenhome.

An executive office configuration is ideal for serious worker bees and busy entrepreneurs. Instead of a conventional small credenza behind the desk, tall storage cabinets use every inch of wall space and create the illusion of built-in library shelves… a favorite Craftsman technique! Wainscoted panels with their orderly flat slats can actually inspire us to get organized!


L-shaped work station

If space is tight, but work needs to get done (or spread out!), an L-shaped work station is ideal. With efficient storage packed into a credenza along an office, bedroom or family room’s free wall, the desk has room for a computer, lamp, paperwork and even elbows!

Compact desk

A simple, compact desk is ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, hallways or any free wall or corner! But choose one with smart design built in—a charger tray for portable electronics, plenty of drawers, shelves and a place to work!

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