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Having to raise your voice to be heard by guests sitting in the same room is always a bit unfortunate… especially in a room that’s all about conversation!

This living room suffers from the ‘furniture sprawl’ typical of many big living rooms. The furniture is spread out to line the walls and fill the space, with nothing the right distance from anything. Sadly, intimate conversation… or a feeling of warmth… won’t happen here. 

An over-sized living room needs a tight furniture arrangment so items (and people!) don’t float aimlessly around the room.

If you’ve got a large living room, here’s how to make it work!

 * Pull the furniture into the center of the room. Use the extra space to create a walkway around the furniture rather than in front of it. Or move it to one side and use the other side for a second seating area, game table, grand piano or office area.

 * Place furniture in an  L-shaped or U-shaped seating cluster, with end tables to fill in the corners. A sectional makes a great choice. Use an area rug to anchor, or visually keep the pieces together in the large space.

 * Embrace empty wall space! It’s more appealing in a large space than small pieces of artwork or furniture scattered about. Make the seating area the major focus of attention, with a few large pieces of art or cabinets placed against feature walls.


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