Ever wish you could take your favorite 5-star hotel room home with you? You’re not alone!

Luxurious hotel suites are designed to help us sleep and relax well. So it’s worth knowing the room design tricks of professional hotel designers! Here are 10 tricks that really work!

 1. Use a monochromatic color scheme, or the same (or similar) color on the wall, ceiling and floor for a ‘cocoon’ effect.

 2. Use neutral colors for large areas and for smaller accents. It creates a quieting effect, with no jarring contrasts. Choose chic (cool) or organic (warm) neutral colors.

 3. Choose contemporary furniture; it takes less effort to clean, or look at.

 4. Eliminate clutter and put away knickknacks. Use large accents.

 5. Add a comfortable place to sit (… that’s not the bed)!

 6. Lean an oversized floor mirror on a wall next to a window. It reflects relaxing daylight into the room (and is a luxurious place to get dressed!).

 7. Invest in high-thread-count white sheets; you’ll notice the difference in the quality and white always feels indulgent.

 8. Make your bed the way hotels do…. pull the comforter halfway back and stack (instead of propping up) a double set of pillows. 

 9. Create long, low horizontal lines; they simulate the horizon line and feel relaxed and stabilized

 1o. Use a plush carpet underfoot, or a plush area rug

For more information on creating a hotel-style bedroom (and lots of other sleep-better tips!), check out RoomPlanners’ special Sleep issue. Click on the photo to the left, or visit www.roomplanners.com to download it free.

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