New Orleans’ music, muffeletta and Mardi Gras may  garner the most tourist attention. But until you’ve seen this city’s homes, you haven’t really seen New Orleans. Such a unique mix of homes… from Creole townhouses, cottages and shotgun homes to majestic Greek Revival mansions… is unlike anything you’ll find in any other city.

Second only to New York as the largest port of entry into America during the 19th century, settlers arrived in New Orleans from all over, bringing their style preferences with them. The French brought their love of dressy décor. The Spanish brought their knack for building houses that last forever and look better with age. Neighboring islanders brought their open-air living and breeze-management skills!  Americans of British descent (who flocked from the northeast to New Orleans after LA was purchased by the United States) brought their love of Greek Revival and Queen Ann Decor.

 New Orleans’ rich, varied history has left us with a style of home décor that really can’t be found anywhere else. In fact, there’s no one style of  furniture that identifies a New Orleans home. But whatever the influence, what’s common to the most historic New Orleans homes is a love of an elegant past; toned-down to suit a languid, tropical lifestyle.

Interiors renovated in ‘New Orleans’, or ‘Creole’ (French and Spanish) style today may follow the  relaxed traditional styles the city is famous for. But they’re also likely to mix old and new into a unique, very personal style. In many ways New Orleans offers fresh inspiration for today’s trend to eclectic, collected-over-time rooms.

 The charm of a New Orleans home is its atmosphere more than its style… a sense of oldness, sensuality and faded elegance. It’s a blend of aged patinas, plaster, brick, painted shutters, waxed wood, tarnished  metals and rich mahogany furniture that give a Creole interior so much charm. There’s no effort to conceal age or history here.


New Orleans French Quarter home

New Orleans Creole cottage

New Orleans Greek Revival home

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