118_bentley_1_3Tired of your white kitchen cabinets and want to change them up a bit? Thinking about switching to white kitchen cabinets but  think they’re too safe? 

Forget expensive, new wood kitchens! Painting kitchen cabinets can add life and value to any home. And with the right color scheme and at least one daring DNA gene, you’ll create a chic, awesome kitchen while you’re at it.

It’s really a simple  idea – dark on the bottom, light on the top. Sort of like we dress.

Painting kitchen cabinets is definitely something you can try at home. If you’ve got bland white kitchen cabinets, darken the bottom cabinets with a chic, deep color  – black-brown, black, charcoal or even navy. If you’re up for changing the kitchen counter tops, add a white kitchen counter top to match the upper cabinets, then paint or tile your backsplash the same color as the lower cabinets.

Stainless steel hardware (and appliances, if you’re up for a splurge) go great with this color scheme. And I love the gray-green color on the walls. Uber chic!

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