A tiny bathroom is typical of small homes and apartments. To make matters worse, many come with low-priced, builder-standard cabinets, flooring and faucets. 

But the good thing about a small bathroom is that it doesn’t cost a lot to give them a facelift. Adding a few stylish elements can transform a small, styleless bathroom into something much more interesting.

Here’s what’s working well in this small bathroom:

The wallpaper is color coordinated with the wood grain and floor color – less color contrast makes this small room look bigger.

The rich texture of the wallpaper makes this a luxurious place to be.

 The textured, gold-finished mirror frame is like a piece of art – much more interesting than a built-in mirror or one matched to the oak vanity cabinet below.

Plush white towels are richly layered, creaing the look resembles a five-star hotel resort.

The silver towel rack looks heavy and substantial;  a nice upgrade from cheaper builder standards.  

The tall glass shower door is more streamlined than curtains; it makes the room seem bigger because we can see through to the tub walls.