If you’ve thought about choosing an interior paint color that’s dark or deep, but are worried it might be just a litte too bright or memorable, painting just one wall can seem like the perfect solution.

The challenge with painting just one wall in a room, though, is that the room usually ends up looking choppy, with paint color changes between walls too abrupt. But in the case of this dining room, the amber-colored accent wall  worked perfectly. Here’s why!

The paint color chosen for the accent wall color has something in common with the paint color used on the other walls. The amber paint color (right) and old gold paint color (left) are both warm… in fact, they sit right next to each other on the color wheel. They’re also similar in value – meaning the amber color is darker than the old gold color, which is only right for an accent wall…  but only slightly  making the transition less shocking.

An important piece of furniture was placed in front of the painted accent wall. It always works best to make the brightest or darkest wall the feature wall – it reinforces why the accent color is there.  In this case, since the sideboard placed against the amber-painted wall wasn’t tall or big, so artwork and accessories were added above to build up its size and importance. The other reason to place large furniture in front of a strongly colored accent wall is to conceal some of the strong hue so it’s not to overpowering.

The accent color is repeated around the room. The amber color is picked up on the curtains on the adjacent wall. It has sort of a balancing effect. It’s also seen in the artwork and accents on the table.

The color of the furniture looks good with the accent color. One of the things to love about all the dark brown furniture in vogue right now is that it holds its own against bright colors. In this room’s design,the furniture isn’t swallowed up by the wall color. It’s one step darker and the accent wall simply creates a backdrop for it.

There’s plenty of daylight to offset the darkening effects of a strong accent color. A lot of light isn’t necessary if a dining room is used just for dining. But for most of us, the dining room can be a multi-purpose room; the large window helps balance a dark color.